A Qualified Transaction is one that  contains a valid merchant's receipt
  The success of this promotion is the amount of PARTICIPATION by merchants and subscribers.
  Merchants will display our codes and any coupon codes that they design on as many websites as possible in addition to the soon to be published
  mobile app for site visitors and subscribers to scan and thus qualify to be entered in the drawing which will be held each month.

  Merchants earn referral fee for each SILVER or GOLD account signed through their site or store.

  Subscribers MUST insure that merchants are participating in the program and request display of Frazier's List QR code or location
of the page where the
  visit may  be recorded.   No purchase if required


Stephen Frazier's List will pay this rebate on behalf of registered merchants for a period of THIRTY DAYS, after which the terms stated below take effect.
If merchant declines to continue the project, there is no further obligation of Stephen Frazier's List towards merchant or merchant's subesequent customer.

II     Merchant agrees to produce upon demand or prominently display a copy of the project QR code at one or more of
       the following: Place of business, in advertising, print or other media.

III    Merchant agrees not to require purchase as condition of reviewing the code

IV   No other project or event is to be connected with this project and neither merchant nor Stephen Frazier's List is
       authorized to enter into any agreement on behalf of the other without express written consent of both parties.

V    Specific details of each project depends upon consultations between the merchant and the host, Frazier's List.

VI  Reward Campaigns
       A.  BASIC Plan - Merchants design, administer and pay their own coupon/rebate/discount program hosted and
                                    advertised on Stephen Frazier's List
            1.  Plan is without cost or obligation to or from Stephen Frazier's List unless by separate agreement
            2.  Stephen Frazier's List will host and publicize promotion by listing on website and mobile app free of charge
            3.  Merchant is responsible for rebates to customers according to their self created promotion requirements
            4.  Merchant is responsible for creating, administering and paying for his own created
       B.  PREMIUM Plan - Stephen Frazier's List offers (2%) cash back for all purchases by subscribers
            1.  Merchant provides QR coupon or valid transaction receipt to customer after purchase is completed
            2.  Merchant deposits 3% of transaction amount to Merchant's rebate escrow account
            3.  Stephen Frazier's List maintains deposited funds for payment to customer who applies for rebate
            4.  Stephen Frazier's List deducts 1% admin fee to cover costs of accounting, record keeping and sending 2%
                 rebate to customers.
            5. Upon withdrawal from project, merchant will receive balance of their escrow account less an administrative fee
                of 15% of the account balance.
                *    Merchants who leave the program may not withdraw residual funds as long as outstanding claims and/or
                      active coupons
*    ALL transactions require a scan by mobile app, submission of receipt or completion of website registration form

Complete the form below to register your company

Type your First Name
      (Proprietor, CEO, President or legal representative)
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This form may be printed , signed and faxed (or attached to email) to 706-341-3380.

*By submitting this form, by either method, merchant agrees to the terms and conditions as stated above.
Signature (or typed name)* __________________________________  Date signed __________, 2017
* By typing or manually signing your name you certify that you have read, understand and accept the above stated rules
   and conditions of this project.